Andie MacDowell Stars in Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove

Andie MacDowell as Judge Lockhart in Cedar Cove

Andie MacDowell is the star of a new Hallmark Channel primetime series, , which is based on author Debbie Macomber's bestselling Cedar Cove book series. The series tells the story of a respected small-town municipal court judge, Judge Olivia Lockhart, who is played by Andie. Actor Dylan Neal plays Jack Griffith, editor of the Cedar Cove Chronicle.

Here is a description of the 2-hour pilot from Hallmark, which airs on n Saturday, July 20.
In the two-hour pilot, Judge Lockhart is overjoyed to hear that her name is being put forth for appointment to a Federal judgeship in Seattle by her longtime friend, Senator Pete Raymond. Olivia asks that her family keep the news a secret. In the meantime, Jack Griffith, desperate for a meaningful news story, corners Olivia's mother who inadvertently tells the editor about everything in her daughter's life – including the possible appointment. Suddenly, Olivia (much to her chagrin) is front page news. In the courtroom, Olivia rejects Cecelia and Ian's petition for divorce, because she is convinced the young couple still loves each other. In the meantime, Olivia's feelings about daughter Justine’s suitor couldn’t be colder.
Andie MacDowell and Dylan Neal star in Hallmarks Cedar Cove

Four Debbie Macomber novels have been made into TV movies in the past, including three original Hallmark films. Macomber's novels are very popular - she has over 150 million books in print worldwide. There is big potential for Hallmark with this new tv series, especially with MacDowell taking the lead role.

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Posted on March 22, 2013

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