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Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon Parody The Beach Boys' Fun, Fun, Fun (August 1, 2015): Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Bacon reveal what the original words to The Beach Boys' hit Fun, Fun, Fun were. Hint: it's all about the hamburgers.

First Trailer for Heroes Reborn (June 25, 2015): Can Tim Kring get it right the second time? Here is the preview for Heroes Reborn starring Jack Coleman, Masai Oka, Zachary Levi and Kiki Sukezane.

Colin Farrell Freaks Out Vince Vaughn and Jimmy Fallon With His True Confession (June 21, 2015): Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn And Jimmy Fallon played True Confessions. But the game took a weird and hilarious turn with Colin's confession.

Review: USA's Mr. Robot is a Smart, Sly Technothriller (June 17, 2015): USA Network has a winner on its hands with the smart technothriller Mr. Robot. Rami Malek, and Christian Slater star.

Jerry Seinfeld Discusses Seinfeld, Hulu and How His Wardrobe Hasn't Aged Well (June 10, 2015): Jerry Seinfeld discusses how his outfit and hair styles from the Seinfeld days have not held up, although the jokes have. The show is coming to Hulu.

Sneak Peek at Caitlyn Jenner's New Reality Show (June 3, 2015): Here is a preview of I Am Cait, the new reality show starring Caitlyn Jenner. The show will document her new life as a transgender woman.

Stephen Colbert Shaves His Beard for New Show (June 3, 2015): Stephen Colbert shaves his beard, tries out some new facial hair styles for his new job as the host of The Late Show.

Trailer for BBC's Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (May 23, 2015): Susanna Clark's bestselling novel Jonathan Strand and Mr. Norrell will be a miniseries on BBC America. The trailer looks fascinating.

Bradley Cooper Returns to Limitless Character for CBS Trailer (May 15, 2015): Bradley Cooper co-stars in the trailer for CBS Limitless trailer, which will pick up where the movie left off. Bradley is producing the tv series and will guest star.

Family Friendly Supergirl Trailer Wows at CBS Upfronts (May 14, 2015): Supergirl has landed at CBS. Family friendly show stars Melissa Benoist and Calista Flockhart in a lighter version of the superhero genre.

DC's Legends of Tomorrow Trailer Debuts (May 14, 2015): The CW has one of the hottest shows at the upfronts this week: DC's Legends of Tomorrow. It's got superheroes, time travel and plenty of action.

Jaimie Alexander Stars in Trailer for NBC Thriller Blindspot (May 10, 2015): In this first trailer for the new NBC show Blindspot, Jaimie Alexander shows up in Times Square covered in tattoos and missing her memory. She also has no clothing.

Trailer for the Wachowskis Netflix Series Sense8 (May 8, 2015): Lost's Naveen Andrews stars in the Wachowskis' new sf series Sense8 which debuts on Netflix on June 5th.

SNL's Hilarious Trailer for Black Widow Rom Com, Black Widow: Age of Me (May 3, 2015): SNL reveals the trailer for the new Black Widow rom com called Black Widow: Age of Me. Because Marvel knows women.

Kristen Wiig Gives Interview as Khaleesi from Game of Thrones (April 30, 2015): Kristen Wiig did an interview to promote her new film Welcome to Me in character as Daenerys Targaryen. She even had her dragon with her.
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