Amy Schumer and Bill Hader Star in Trainwreck Trailer

Posted on February 14, 2015

Trainwreck Movie Poster

Judd Apatow has mentored Seth Rogen and Lena Dunhan. Now the filmmaker has another mentee: comedian Amy Schumer. Amy stars in Trainwreck, a romantic comedy about a woman who has severe commitment issues.

Amy plays a magazine writer who gets assigned to do a piece on a sports doctor (Bill Hader). He's a really nice guy and trouble ensues when he wants to be more than a one night stand. This is a problem because she is a major commitmentphobe.

In the opening scene Amy is a little girl whose father (Colin Quinn) makes her and her sister repeat the phrase: "Monogamy isn't realistic." He was getting a divorce at the time and was a bit cynical. But the lesson stuck. Now that she's met a nice guy, her entire dating process has been turned up side down.

The trailer is funny and the supporting cast is excellent: LeBron James, Vanessa Bayer, Tilda Swinton Marisa Tomei, Method Man, and and Brie Larson are along for the ride. Schumer wrote the script based on her own dating experiences after she and Judd Apatow abandoned another script they had been working on. This is the green band trailer, but it gives you an idea of the raunchiness level of the film. It looks like classic Apatow to us. The film hits theaters on July 17th.

Take a look:

Photo: Universal Pictures

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