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Berlin Zoo Refuses to Kill Baby Polar Bear (2007-03-20): Some insane activist who claims to support animal rights in Germany is demanding that a baby polar bear named Knut be euthanized rather than be raised in captivity by humans.

Terri Irwin Named Australia's Tourism Ambassador (2007-01-15): Terri Irwin has been named as Australia's Tourism Ambassador.

Goodbye To the Crocodile Hunter (2006-09-05): Steve Irwin, known as The Crocodile Hunter, died yesterday after being stung by a stingray while snorkeling off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Britney Forces K-Fed to Dump the Sharks (2006-08-21): Britney Spears is taking a stand and forcing K-Fed to get rid of his six -- yes, that's right, six -- sharks before the new baby is born.

Research Says There Were Blond and Redheaded Woolly Mammoths (2006-07-06): New research shows that woolly mammoths may have come in lots of colors.

The Myths Of The Maternal Instinct (2006-05-09): Just in time for Mother's Day, The New York Times features a horrifying article about the myth that mothers naturally care for their offspring and will fight to protect them.

Bat Cave Students Face Possible Criminal Charges (2006-04-28): Officials are mulling mulling over whether or not to file charges against students at the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville who tried to create a real, live Bat Cave in their dorm room.

Hot New Designer Sunglasses For the Insect in Your Life (2006-03-31): At least the scientists in Germany are working on something important: this photo entered into a German science-photo competition showcases the latest in designer wear for your pet housefly.

U.S. Training Sharks to Be Underwater Spies (2006-03-02): The BBC reports that the U.

Four of Six Groundhogs Predict Early Spring (2006-02-02): Groundhog Day is an important North American holiday (with origins in Germany) where Americans and Canadians look to groundhogs to determine the next six weeks of weather.

It's Panda Birthday Time (2005-12-19): The celebration of all things panda-related continues unabated.

The Attack of the Giant Jellyfish (2005-12-08): It's really happening: the giant jellyfish are everywhere and they're really hard to kill.

King Kong Looks Real Says Zoo Director (2005-12-05): Everyone's waiting to see how Peter Jackson's King Kong stacks up against Lord of the Rings.

Justin Timberlake Fears Spiders (2005-11-28): Singer Justin Timberlake is terrified of spiders.

Marshmallow, the National Thanksgiving Turkey (2005-11-24): Here is a photo of President George Bush pardoning Marshmallow, the National Thanksgiving Turkey.

Baby Elephant Makes His Debut (2005-10-31): The new baby African elephant who was born at the Indianapolis Zoo was introduced to the public.

Armed and Dangerous Dolphins (2005-09-26): We were thrilled to see that all eight Gulfport Oceanarium dolphins all made it through the hurricane and are on their way to a new home.

All Eight Dolphins Rescued (2005-09-21): Happy dolphin news: all eight dolphins have been now been rescued from the ocean and taken to a naval engineering base where they are being treated for injuries and starvation.

Four Dolphins Rescued, Four to Go (2005-09-20): Ok, this dolphins-needing-rescuing story is really starting to stress us out.

The Human Zoo (2005-09-07): Clearly, the keepers at the London Zoo have run out of pandas: their latest popular exhibit is entitled "Humans" and features scantily-clad humans in an enclosure with a sign reading: "Warning: Humans in their Natural Environment.
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