Animals: Page 3

This is page 3 of the animal coverage from Watchers Watch

USPS: How to Pack Your Hippo (2005-07-25): The United States Postal Service website has a webpage providing information for people who are moving.

Bird Attacks Spread to Other U.S. Cities (2005-06-10): The bird attacks began in Houston and they are now spreading to other U.

Chicken Wins Jaywalking Case in California (2005-06-01): Did you hear the one about the chicken that crossed the road and got a ticket for jaywalking? A chicken in Kern County, California was fined $54 for crossing the road.

Birds Attack People in Houston Like Scene From Hitchcock Movie (2005-05-20): Normally calm and well-mannered grackles suddenly began attacking people earlier this week in downtown Houston.
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