A-Rod's Thanksgiving Double Play

Posted on November 29, 2008

Alex Rodriguez got a lot of grief in the press when his soon to be ex-wife Cynthia let it slip that the "soul-less" baseball player was going to skip Thankgiving dinner with his kids to be with Madonna. After a couple of days of really bad press, A-Rod ended up having his cake and eating it too. He had dinner with Cynthia and the kids and then rushed off to be with Madonna.
Rodriguez enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner in Miami Thursday afternoon with ex-wife Cynthia and daughters Natasha, 4, and Ella, 7 months. Reports surfaced earlier this week that Rodriguez was planning to abandon his children on Thanksgiving to spend time with Madonna in New York. However, a source tells PEOPLE this was never the case.

"He always had every intention of spending the holiday with Cynthia, the family, and his two daughters," the source says. "There was never any intention of him flying back. The allegations regarding this trip to New York [to be with Madonna] couldn't be anything farther from the truth," the source says.

Instead, Madonna extended her Miami trip and the pair were able to spend the holiday together anyway. The Daily News says that Rodriguez rushed off to Star Island, where Madonna has a home, soon after wrapping up Thanksgiving dinner with his family.
This sounds like damage control, big time. Cynthia played the press card and A-Rod had to show up for Thanksgiving dinner with his kids. That's what we think, anyway.

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