Ariana Grande Apologizes for Doughnut Fiasco in YouTube Video

Posted on July 9, 2015

Ariana Grande doughnut apology

Ariana Grande has apologized again for licking doughnuts in a story and saying she hates America. This time she used a video for her apology and it comes off as more sincere than her first apology. Doughnutgate may be coming to an end providing Ariana can resist licking doughnuts on future visits to bakeries.

You can read Ariana's first apology here. Her latest apology comes in a video called "sorry babes." She doesn't explain her bizarre behavior in the video but she admits it was wrong and says she is very sorry.

Ariana says she is actually proud to be American. She says she has never been prouder of the United States because of the progressive movements over the past couple months.

Ariana found it very embarrassing watching herself lick doughnuts on the store video. She says, "I wanted to shove my face in the pillow. I wanted to disappear." She also says, "Seeing how ugly it looks when you behave a certain way makes you never want to behave that way again." Ariana also says it has been a rough 24 hours. She is very disappointed in herself.

Ariana says, "I'm 22 years old. I'm human. I've still got a lot to learn and I make mistakes." She also says she is very sorry. Take a look:

Photo: Ariana Grande/YouTube