Ashley Alexandra Dupre Sings What We Want

Posted on March 12, 2008

Ashley Alexandra Dupre - the prostitute that New York Governor Eliot Spitzer was busted for paying to be with - has a MySpace page.

The MySpace page includes a sample of one of her songs called "What We Want." Will she be able to use the scandal to become famous? It has probably already made her famous but not in a good way. Even so her R&B song is getting a lot of online buzz today.

The New York Times even describes Dupre's song in a news story.
On the Web page is a recording of what she describes as her latest track, "What We Want," a hip-hop-inflected rhythm-and-blues tune that asks, "Can you handle me, boy?" and uses some dated slang, calling someone her "boo."

"I know what you want, you got what I want," she sings in the chorus. "I know what you need. Can you handle me?"

Her MySpace biography says she started singing professionally after a musician she was living with heard her singing the Aretha Franklin hit "Respect" in the shower and burst into the bathroom with his lead guitarist. She says she toured and recorded with them, then moved to Manhattan in 2004 and spent the first two years getting to know the music scene, networking in clubs and connecting with the industry.

"Now it's all about my music, it's all about expressing me."
A website called Amie Street that measures online song popularity has seen the song rise from $0.00 to $.98. You can see the listing for the song on Amie Street here. Valleywag blogs that the sex scandal could jump start the call girl's singing career. The MySpace page says her song "What We Want" is approaching 1 million plays. If this does launch her career it will be unfair for to the many talented people out there who are far more deserving than Dupre.