Baby Elephant Makes His Debut

Posted on October 31, 2005

The new baby African elephant who was born at the Indianapolis Zoo was introduced to the public. He's so little that he has to use a step stool to nurse. Luckily, he has a bevy of zookeepers to produce a step stool when needed.
The baby African elephant continues to do well. He and mother Kubwa are bonded, he is nursing consistently, and loves taking naps! At this point in time, he is using a little step stool to reach the mammaries on Kubwa, who is an unusally tall elephant. Kubwa's first calf, Amali, also used a step stool to nurse for the first several weeks of her life. Kubwa is very protective of her calf and very alert to where he is at all times. She is very gentle with him, and helps him up using her trunk if he gets going too fast or trips up. He is still a bit unsteady on his feet, but he gets more coordinated every day!
The Indianapolis Zoo had a contest to name the elephant; the results will be announced tomorrow. We hope they pick something good. It's a good thing he's an elephant and doesn't know that people are emailing in crazy suggestions from all over the country. And Butterstick is taken.

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