Billy Joel on Christmas in Fallujah

Posted on December 16, 2007

The Rolling Stone interviewed Billy Joel and asked him about his song, "Christmas in Fallujah." Billy Joel told them that the song is just meant to be about a soldier.
What inspired you to write Christmas in Fallujah?

I guess just the cumulative effect of this war. We've been there longer than World War II. I've been getting mail from service people over there, and with the holidays coming on made this thing just popped out.


Do you think it's fair to call it a protest song or an anti-war song?

I think it's a song about a soldier, about a marine. People can take it anyway they want. I don't get up on a soapbox and do political messages. I believe in talking about the human being, and the conditions humans find themselves in.
Many news articles call it an anti-war song. It certainly sounds like one but it is also about U.S. troops facing yet another Christmas in Iraq. Billy Joel's song is performed by Cass Dillon. Proceeds from the sale of the the song in iTunes benefit Homes for our Troops. Here's the video clip.

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