Bizarre Bike Goes 50mph?

Posted on January 30, 2007

Treehugger is discussing this bizarre bike-like means of transportation.
Drop your prejudices and hesitations for a second, and give Curtis DeForest some credit for thinking outside the box. DeForest recognizes that major drawbacks of the modern bicycle include the exposure of the rider to accidents and the limited speeds which the average cyclist can maintain. The conventional bike places the weight of the rider above the wheels' spinning axis, an inherently unstable situation (as any cyclist forced to stop fast well knows). Also, conventional bikes use only leg-power, carrying the upper torso as dead weight. And did someone mention saddle-sores? HyperBike solves all those problems. And there is more to come, as this creative inventor's vision will get a boost from the NASA funded Space Alliance Technology Outreach Program in the development of the next model.
TreeHugger says the inventor of the bike compares riding the bike to swimming. The inventor of the bike says it is as fast as a car -- too bad there isn't a video available of that. We'd love to see one of these Hyperbikes keeping up with highway traffic. One problem is that it is too big to store in a garage and at 200 pounds it is pretty heavy. Gizmodo says the bike is too hideous for them to ride. EcoGeek points to another website for the Hyperbike. There is a video that shows the Hyperbike moving but only at slow speeds.

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