Carve a Virtual Pumpkin Online

Posted on October 28, 2006

A virtual Pumpkin Patch from iq Marketing lets you carve up a pumpkin without making a mess on your kitcken table and floor. There are three sizes of pumpkins to choose from. The tool even lets you place a lit candle inside the pumpking when are done. It's a good way to test out some of your crazier pumpkin carving ideas and see if they might actually work. Here are some details about the site from the press release.
Hundreds of pumpkins with just printed on them were mailed this past week by iq to help grow the patch. Pumpkins with the URL also showed up in surprising and unexpected places all over the Twin Cities and beyond.

Jan Finken, owner and CEO of iq Marketing said "In today's world of consumer generated messaging, you can send your message in so many ways. We are giving the consumer a new fun way to do this."

The site was programmed by Whoop Design. Romeo Azar of Whoop stated, "This site is amazing and it syncs perfectly with the culture of iq. It is always fun for us to design an application that promotes creativity."
You can also email your virtual carved pumpkins to a friend or add your carving to the virtual pumpkin patch.

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