Chris Pratt Takes Challenge to Run in Stiletto Heels

Posted on June 14, 2015

Chris Pratt has been on the circuit promoting Jurassic World, which just had a huge opening weekend box office of more than $500 million. Chris was a guest on James Cordren's show, along with Bryce Dallas Howard who also stars in the film.

During the film Bryce has to run in high heels. Knowing that this is quite dangerous, especially in rough terrain, the studio had her train to run in heels so she wouldn't break her ankle while running through the jungle in stilettos. She said she trained like she was aiming for the Olympics. James asked Chris if he had ever run in high heels.

He said that he had not, because he had never found heels big enough for his feet. At that point James pulled out a pair of bright red stilettos and challenged Chris to run in them. Always game, Chris put them on and proceeded to run across the stage to give Reggie a high five. Other than slowing down to take the steps, he ran full out. He even threw in some skips. It was impressive. Take a look: