Colton Haynes Thinks About Donuts Every 7.5 Seconds

Posted on August 17, 2013

Colton Haynes on vacation

Actor Colton Haynes (Teen Wolf, Arrow) is constantly thinking about donuts. Hardly any time passes between the actor's thoughts about donuts. He tweeted that he thinks about donuts every 7.5 seconds. Haynes sent his tweet after waking up in the middle of the night because his sleep was interrupted by thoughts of delicious donuts and waffles. The image above captured Colton a recent vacation when he was no doubt thinking about donuts. Colton shared the photo on his Instagram account.

Haynes says, "I can honestly say that i think about donuts ever 7.5 seconds...i wake up in the middle of the night (right now) thinking about them. Im sleep tweetin bout donuts. ok. Now im sleep tweetin about waffles. If i dont get a donut/waffle combo...ima break. Im hungrily frustrated."

Photo: Colton Haynes