Couple Wins Scholarship for Wearing Duct Tape to Prom

Posted on July 11, 2007

High school students Adrienne Beiler, Salisbury, Pa., and Zac Cupler, Grantsville, Md., wore prom outfits made from duct tape on their prom night. They were not the only crazy couple wearing duct tape to prom because Duck brand duct tape was running a Stuck at Prom scolarship contest. Duck says more than 180 couples from 43 states and three Canadian provinces enterted the contest. Adrienne and Zac's entry wasn't pretty but they won a $6,000 college scholarship for their sticky effort. A press release from Duck says the couple used 40 rolls of duct tape.
Beiler was convinced to participate in the contest by her home economics teachers, who suggested Beiler could use her love of sewing to fashion the ensembles. "We worked on the dress and tuxedo for about a year and used around 40 rolls of duct tape," said Beiler. "We came up with a design we thought would be pretty off-the-wall and just ran with it."

The couple used brown, pink, orange, green and yellow duct tape to create the flowery Southern belle dress and traditional suit. Weighing in at 25 pounds, Beilerís three-piece dress included a hoop skirt with multiple layers of colored duct tape and textured flowers. Cupler's brown suit and hot pink shirt complemented his date's ensemble. Both were accessorized to complete the look of the outfits - Cupler sported a hat and cane, while Beiler carried a duct taped parasol and handbag.

When they arrived at the prom, the reactions were those of excitement and curiosity. "Everyone loved our outfits and thought they were amazing," said Beiler. "They couldn't believe the outfits were really made with duct tape," added Cupler.
All we can say is that duct tape makes really awful prom attire. You can see all of the Stuck at Prom entries at