Blog Tracks Craig Biggio's Painful Record Attempt

Posted on July 16, 2005

Houston Astros player Craig Biggio is closing in on the painful record for getting hit by the most pitches in Major League Baseball. Biggio has been hit by a pitch 268 times which leaves him just 20 away from the all-time record holder Hughie Jennings, who was hit by a pitch 287 times during his career.

A blog called Plunk Biggio is tracking Biggio as he closes in on the record. Plunk Biggio also has some unusual facts. The blog reports that Craig Biggio has been hit by a pitch 4 times on the release weekend of a new Harry Potter novel. Maybe the pitchers are wilder on these weekends because they are tired from reading into the early morning hours.

Since Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is out this weekend maybe Biggio will get plunked by another pitch?

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