Creepy Cupcakes for Hoffa Search

Posted on May 27, 2006

FBI agents are searching for Jimmy Hoffa's remains in Milford Township in Michigan so a local bakery decided to honor the search with some creepy cupcakes. NBC News says the cupcakes have been very popular. An FBI agent even ordered a few dozen.

As FBI agents combed a Michigan farm looking for the remains of labor leader Jimmy Hoffa this week, a local bakery has decided to capitalize on the search with a cupcake apparently not only grave-digger can love.

Cupcakes aren't usually a best-seller at the Milford Baking Company. But since the addition of a plastic green hand emerging from the chocolate-flavored sprinkles and frosting meant to resemble dirt, the bakery can't make enough of the desserts.

As dozens of FBI agents, police and others invaded Milford Township, a small community 30 miles northwest of Detroit, more than 500 of the 95-cent cupcakes have been sold, with orders coming in from all over the Detroit area. One businessman even waited outside the bakery at 5 a.m. so he could treat co-workers, and an FBI agent ordered three dozen to take to those working at the dig site, co-owner Laura Helwig said.

The cupcakes are made by the The Milford Baking Co. in Milford, Michigan. The company says the cupcakes made a sales record for them. Looking at the Milford Baking Co. website you wouldn't think such a nice little company could come up with such disturbing cupcakes.

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