Demi Lovato and James Corden Deliver Singing Telegrams

Posted on August 6, 2015

Demi Lovato and James Corden deliver singing telegrams

Demi Lovato joined James Corden for a very funny afternoon of delivering singing telegrams to various random people in Los Angeles. The duo dressed in bowler hats and gold jackets. They had a list of people to deliver the telegrams to with notes about their personalities and likes.

They first serenaded a woman who had received a promotion at the local Dry Bar. The women having their hair done seemed quite surprised that Demi and James were serenading one of the stylists, but everyone rolled with it. Next they hit an office building where they burst into a business meeting to serenade a guy who was having a birthday. They sang mostly about his love for mayo, which was quite funny.

But the best stop was at the dentist's office. He had raised money for after school programs at the YMCA and promised to shave his head if he raised $10,000. James and Demi burst into his office and interrupted a patient session, although the patient didn't seem to mind. They asked the dentist if he would allow Demi to shave his head if they made a $4,000 donation to the charity. He agreed and next thing you know, Demi has shaved his head. It was quite a performance. James told Demi on the way out that they had a very profitable business opportunity as the world's first telegram delivering, singing barbers. Take a look:

Photo: CBS