Donruss Quick to Add Brett Favre Jets Trading Card

Posted on August 11, 2008

It took the Packers over 30-days to resolve the Brett Favre situation but it has only taking Donruss a few days to get him on an NFL player trading card with his new team. Donruss announced that a Brett Favre New York Jets trading card will appear in the company's Playoff Absolute Memorabilia product, scheduled to reach retail stores the first week of September. They are wise to move quickly as the new Brett Favre New York Jets jersey has been flying off shelves.

The Favre card features a photo of the Brett Favre holding up his #4 NY Jets jersey at Thursday's press conference. Donruss dispatched a photographer to the event with the express purpose of creating this special card.

"Trading cards have always helped bring fans closer to the players and commemorate historic moments in sports," said Donruss Marketing/PR Director Scott Prusha. "This is one of the biggest football stories in the past decade and we are honored to bring this historic moment to collectors."