Exciting New Fake Mud Product Released

Posted on June 30, 2005

Spray on mud Owners of expensive off-road vehicles who can't be bothered to actually go off-roading are howling with delight over a new product called Sprayonmud that gives your SUV that authentic off-road look. It makes it look like there actually is mud on your car.
Sprayonmud can be applied to your vehicle in seconds, but just be careful the neighbours don't catch you using it!
Good advice. Sprayonmud should only be applied under stealth conditions. And don't cover up your license plate either, warns sprayonmud.com.
Sprayonmud is NOT to be used to obscure number-plates or the lights on your vehicle. This, of course, is illegal and while it is not an endorsable offence, if your number plates cannot be read at a reasonable distance - or photographed by a speed camera - you could face a hefty fine.
Yes, this is the year 2005. We have no cancer cures, robot maids or long-lasting laptop batteries. But at least we have spray on mud!

Update: Uh oh! The sprayonmud.com site is no longer working. You are going to have to go back to putting mud on your car the old fashion way!

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