Four Dolphins Rescued, Four to Go

Posted on September 20, 2005

Ok, this dolphins-needing-rescuing story is really starting to stress us out. There are eight bottlenosed dolphins who were swept out of their pools during Hurricane Katrina. They're in the Gulf of Mexico and want to go back to their trainers (raised in captivity, they have no idea how to evade predators or even hunt for fish). Plus, they're injured and starving, according to the veterinarian treating them.

They got two of the most injured dolphins at the end of last week. Then, they got a mom and her son on Saturday, according to the, the official website of the Oceanarium.
Mom and Son Reunited: Kelly Saved

More wonderful news came on Saturday when Marine Life trainers were able to rescue Noah's mom Kelly. Like her son, Toni and Jackie, Kelly jumped onto a floating mat and was brought ashore where she was immediately transported to the Navy saltwater holding tanks which finally arrived on Saturday morning. Shortly after, she was reunited with her son and the other dolphins who were transferred from the temporary shelter of a hotel swimming pool.
Four down, four to go....what is the delay here? No one's saying. We'll keep checking. Hang on, dolphins!

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