Giant Roses in the Rose Parade

Posted on December 28, 2006

Tall RosesRoses that grow as high as 5-6 feet tall are going to be used in this year's Rose Parade. The roses are grown by on an Ecuadorian farm that lies between two volcanoes. Organic Bouquet claims they are the world's tallest roses.
The first certified sustainably grown flowers ever used in Rose Parade history, these magnificent red roses grow naturally 5-6 feet tall, each stem boasting a large head which opens to an astonishing four inches in diameter, creating a sea of lush red rose petals.

"These spectacular roses fit perfectly with the parade's theme, Our Good Nature," said Gerald Prolman, founder and CEO of "The beauty of even the most stunning flower is enhanced when it is grown in a socially and environmentally responsible manner."

How do these roses get so big? A combination of natural factors have come together to create this extreme rose. At the equator, on an Ecuadorian farm, nestled between two volcanoes at more than 9,600 feet, Organic Bouquet's World's Tallest Roses enjoy days of prolonged sunlight and cool nights which allow these super-sized beauties to flourish beyond expectation.

These natural blooms are non-genetically engineered and are certified sustainably grown by Veriflora(TM), an international eco-floral certification standard that verifies social, environmental, ecological, and quality management practices.
You can read more about the roses here on the Organic Bouquet website. Information about the Rose Parade in Pasadena can be found here. In the parade the roses will be seen on the 89th Rose Queen, Mary McCluggage, as well as the Santa Fe Springs float.

Photo: Organic Bouquet

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