Glitch Gives 2,550 Students Saturday Detention

Posted on February 12, 2008

"Mom, I didn't do anything bad. I swear." That kind of argument was heard in the homes of many Palm Bay High students after a glitch sent an automated Friday evening phone call to the parents of all the students in the school that their child had a Saturday detention. The parents of all 2,550 students received the automated phone message. The Florida Union reports that only 16 kids had actually been assigned a detention.
"One of my friends texted me to ask if I had Saturday detention," said Robert Lenoci, 15, of Valkaria. The sophomore is going to the state science fair finals and hasn't been in trouble before.

"I looked and I had a message from mom. She was asking, 'What did you do?' It was pretty bad," he said.

Robert's mother calmed down after talking with other parents and learning something was amiss.

Amy Stewart said after the call that she confronted her son, Jimmy, and he pleaded innocent.

"He said he didn't do anything, but I took him Saturday morning anyway," she said. About 40 students showed up.
The school's principal feels really bad that it happened.
"I really feel bad that it happened," said Principal John Thomas. "It was just too late at 9:30 at night when we found out about it to call everyone back. But Saturday, I sent an apology on the system."
The principal feels bad and so do thousands of students who must have received hours of parental anger for a detention they did not deserve.

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