Golden State Warriors Defeat Cavaliers in Game Six

Posted on June 17, 2015

The Golden State Warriors won game six of the NBA finals over the Cleveland Cavaliers. It was a convincing victor for the Warriors to win game six in Cleveland and prevent a seventh game.

Despite being in Cleveland's turf the Warriors outplayed the Cavs and were able to prevent them from making a final run. Stephen Curry was not as accurate from the 3-point line as he was in game five but he still hit a major one that helped put one of the final daggers in the Cavs' coffin. The Cavs just were unable to get anything going in the fourth quarter and the game slipped away from them. The Cavs struggled on offense while the Warriors were able to take open shots through excellent passing.

The Cavaliers should not be upset. They surprised opponents this year and proved they are team to reckon with and could easily end up back in the finals next year. Steve Kerr also deserves credit for coaching the Warriors to victory. LeBron james noted that the Cavs were not as full health during the finals. Take a look: