Halliburton Hoaxed: The $100 Million SurvivaBall

Posted on May 15, 2006

A funny prank was pulled on Halliburton executives. The Washington Times reports that Halliburton got punk'd big time last week when a group of naughty pranksters dressed up as Halliburton executives at a conference to promote their new "SurvivaBall" to survive the effects of global warming.

The group, calling themselves The Yes Men, even had a website and sent out a phone press release about the fake new product. Here is how they described the life-saving sphere: "If catastrophe threatens a large population, the business manager simply enters the orb, puts it on, and it protects him or her in any climate condition, whether it involved tornadoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, ice conditions or heat conditions."

The SurvivaBall is described as resembling "large plastic bubbles with six hands, two speakerphone-looking ears and an opening for the executive's face."

The group says it wants to show that large corporations are more focused profits and are not doing enough - or anything - to reduce carbon emissions.

Halliburton issued a statement saying it has nothing to do with the SurvivaBall product. The company said, "[T]he information is not a company press release or document. To confirm, Fred Wolf is not a Halliburton employee."

It was just a hoax? Shoot, we've already ordered twenty of them!

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