How to Make a Dr. Octopus Costume

Posted on October 15, 2005

Rob, the author of the Incredible Stuff I Made website, is offering detailed instructions for making an amazing Dr. Octopus costume. Dr. Octopus is a villain in the Spider-Man series who has flexible metal arms (like tentacles) that have powerful pincers instead of hands. It is not an easy costume to make but Rob did it.

And of course no Dr. Octopus costume would be complete without a defeated Spider-man hero above its head. This is our favorite part of the costume.

Rob says, "I also thought it would be great to construct a defeated spider-man figure for the arms to be carrying, above his head."

Rob also talks about his participation in a costume contest where he was somehow defeated by a couple dressed as Jose Cuervo and Margarita. He was totally robbed. Tentacled villains get no respect these days.

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