Joseph Gordon-Levitt and the Ragtime Gals Perform Bitch Better Have My Money

Posted on September 27, 2015

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ragtime Gals sing Bitch Better Have My Money

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was a guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new film The Wire. He did an amazing job of lip synching the last time he was on the show, but this time he really sang as a member of the barbershop quartet, The Ragtime Gals.

This time the Gals tackled Rihanna's mega hit "Bitch Better Have My Money" which actually worked perfectly as a doo wop song. Joseph can really sing and did a fabulous job. And of course the group sounded great. Their wholesome renditions of current hip hop songs is always funny.

The Gals sang their own versions of Color Me Badd's "I Wanna Sex You Up" and R.Kelly's "Ignition (Remix) and they were so popular that they started added celebrity guest singers. They performed "SexyBack" with Justin Timberlake joining the group, "Roxanne" with Sting as lead, Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" with Kevin Spacey, and "Sexual Healing" with Steve Carrell. They are all fantastic, not to mention absolutely hilarious. Sting said later in an interview that he had trouble singing "Roxanne" any other way after singing it as a Ragtime Gal. Take a look:

Photo: Douglas Gorenstein/NBC