Justin Timberlake Fears Spiders

Posted on November 28, 2005

Singer Justin Timberlake is terrified of spiders. His arachnophobia is so bad that he recently had to call the hotel staff for help to remove a spider from his hotel suite.
The pop heartthrob has confessed his arachnophobia has become so bad he refused to enter his plush suite after spotting an eight-legged creepy crawly lurking inside.

The sexy singer, who is dating Hollywood beauty Cameron Diaz, admitted he had to call hotel reception to get a member of staff to get rid of the tiny creature for him.

He told Britain's Smash Hits magazine: "I'm really, really scared of spiders. I just hate them. I was staying at a nice hotel and I had to call reception because I spotted one in my room. I was too scared to get rid of it myself."
The American Humane Association reminds Jason and others with arachnophobia that there is nothing to be afraid of -- spiders are actually helpful creatures.
One of the most common fears among humans is arachnophobia, but there really is nothing to be afraid of. Spiders are actually very helpful creatures to humans. They help plants reproduce by pollinating them. They help recycle dead trees and animals back into the earth. They are a source of food for birds, fish, and small mammals. And, they eat many harmful insects, helping to keep your garden pest-free.
However, there are some spiders that Jason Timberlake and other humans should stay away from like the deadly Sydney Funnel Web Spider.
Ten minutes after a person is bitten by a Sydney Funnel Web Spider the first symptoms start. The first symptom is numbness around the tongue and mouth. Next the person will have spasms of the tongue and the heart rate will rapidly increase. Nausea and vomiting will soon start along with sweating and salivation. The victim will then become agitated and soon find it difficult to breath. They may become confused and not be able to concentrate. By this stage the victim may be in a coma and the blood press will rise dramatically. The muscles will begin to twitch. At this stage the possibility of death is extremely high.

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