Knut is Depressed and Lonely

Posted on March 27, 2008

Photo of Knut reading his book

This is just horrible. Little Knut the polar bear is now a huge, strong one year-old adult polar bear that has giant teeth and claws. So, his keepers have been forbidden from playing with him. Now, Knut is lonely and depressed. When he catches the scent of his human "father" he howls for hours in despair. And when no one comes to watch him at the zoo, he cries.

This is just horrible. Can't they get him a girlfriend?? Knut was raised by humans: to cut him off from his dad is just cruel. You can't put him in the wild: he wouldn't know what to do. Plus, polar bears are having a terrible time of it in their natural habitat. We say: get Knut a friend. Now! And let his dad put on some body armor and go in the enclosure.

Photo: Zoo Berlin