Kyle Trades Paperclip for Bigger and Better Things

Posted on November 22, 2005

Kyle MacDonald has a blog called One Red Paperclip. Kyle is trying to trade his way to a house by continually trading his item for something better.
Kyle: "I'm going to keep trading for bigger or better things until I get a house."
Kyle began his series of trades with one red paperclip. Kyle managed to trade his way up to a red generator, which is much better than a paperclip, but he may have taken a step backwards with his latest trade for one instant party. Yet, Kyle remains confident. Kyle believes the funtential will be to his advantage. Here is some of Kyle's logic:
But remember, this is not eBay. This is one red paperclip. I'm not here to sell stuff; I'm here to barter stuff - and barter is supposed to be fun. I'm not sure about you, but I'd argue that "one instant party" has a lot more potential for fun than one red generator. I'm sure Marcin will have an awesome time with his red generator - that's assured. Generators are fun too. I'm just saying that even though one red generator may have a higher cash value than one instant party, "one instant party" has more funtential.

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