Man Continues Counting To One Million

Posted on August 21, 2007

Jeremy Harper in Birmingham, Alabama has been counting to a million on a live web cam. You can see it on the MillionCount web cam. Harper does take breaks to sleep and use the bathroom. After making his way to 750,000 Jeremy blogged that his general mood was that he was "almost done."

Jeremy says, "As I mentioned in the late night cookie last night, today is a big day. 750 thousand. When I reached the 250K mark, I was excited and knew that I had made a good start int he count. I was confident that I would finish. Of course, 500K is the half way point, and that's exactly how I felt - half way done. Part excitement, part nervousness. Now, 750K hits today and my general mood is "almost done." The finale party is no longer just an idea - it's a chore to get planned because it's so close. Time seems to be running out."

The most surprising thing about the count to a million is that Jeremy's employers actually gave him time off to do the count which is estimated to take several months. The website says Jeremy Harper "works for a local software company that gave him time off to complete this project." Here is a video of Jeremy talking to CNN.