Marshmallow, the National Thanksgiving Turkey

Posted on November 24, 2005

Here is a photo of President George Bush pardoning Marshmallow, the National Thanksgiving Turkey. More about our National Thanksgiving Turkey can be found here on The White House website. The website says that the name Marshmallow was voted on by the public. There was even an alternate turkey named Yam in case something terrible happened to Marshmallow. The site also has information about the turkey's retirement schedule.
A few minor modifications were made to prepare the birds for the National Thanksgiving Turkey presentation. About 30 turkeys were removed from the normal commercial production flock and are being raised separately on the Trites farm. The birds are periodically hand fed and given additional interaction with people in an effort to acclimate them.

Presidents traditionally have granted the National Thanksgiving Turkey a "pardon". For the past 15 years, the National Thanksgiving Turkeys and their alternates have been retired to Frying Pan Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. The farm is a 1930s-era replica farm operated by the Fairfax County Parks Department.
Frying Pan Park? Well at least the poor turkeys can retire safely even if the name might frighten them. Happy Thanksgiving Buzz readers!

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