Massive Earthquake Coming May 21 Says Wacky Religious Group

Posted on May 19, 2011

The world is ending Saturday, May 21, according to a group inspired by a radio preacher named Harold Camping. These people believe there is going to be a massive worldwide earthquake this Sunday as well as Judgement Day according to a FAQ posted on the group's website.

The date May 21, 2011 was derived solely from evidence found in the Bible. Mr. Camping saw God had placed, in Scripture, many important signs and proofs. These proofs alert believers that May 21st of 2011 is the date Christ will return for His people and begin a period of the final destruction of the world.
There is no scientific evidence to suggest an imminent earthquake. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on the group of people eagerly expecting the massive quake. At least the May 21st Rapture believers are doing something to ensure the pets they leave behind are cared for. Update 5-23-11: For some reason the video was removed by CNN - you can read the transcript here. Take a look:

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