Microsoft Bob Makes Worst Tech Products List

Posted on June 28, 2006

Microsoft BobA hideous Microsoft software package called Microsoft Bob has made PC World's list of the 25 worst tech products of all time. Microsoft Bob was rated as the 7th worst tech product. Bob was a smiley face wearing glasses. He had some odd helpers that included a rat. What's fun and friendly about a rat?

PC World says, "Bob featured a living room filled with clickable objects, and a series of cartoon 'helpers' like Chaos the Cat and Scuzz the Rat that walked you through a small suite of applications. Fortunately, Bob was soon buried in the avalanche of hype surrounding Windows 95, though some of the cartoons lived on to annoy users of Microsoft Office and Windows XP (Clippy the animated paper clip, anyone?)."

We are glad that we never had to deal with Microsoft Bob. Trying to turn off Clippy and other animated Office helpers was annoying enough over years. We will admit that with the more recent versions Clippy properly goes into hiding when ordered. And at least Clippy did not have a rat friend.

Image: Microsoft