Microsoft Clippy is No More

Posted on February 19, 2007

Microsoft Clippy RIPMicrosoft Clippy has died. According to Engadget the animated paperclip will not be helping (or annoying) Microsoft Office users in any future editions. Office 97 was the last edition of Microsoft Office containing Clippy.
We suspected something was brewing when the iconic figure started donning a 3D skirt in Japan, but a brief interview with Office's group program manager revealed that the clip is indeed dead. While it had been fading for awhile due to an apparent lack of mass fanfare, and was even turned off by default in Office 2003, it seems that Clippy fans will be forced to stick with now-antiquated versions of the Office suite in order to keep their darling on screen. But don't fret too much, as the countdown until someone crafts a freeware app re-instilling a Clippy rendition into Office begins... now.
AppScout has interviewed Microsoft Office's Group Program Manager Jensen Harris about Clippy's demise. Harris says there have not been many complaints about the death of Clippy.
Have you received any negative feedback about Clippy's death?

Interestingly, the negative feedback that we've gotten has been much more about the dog than Clippy. I've never had anyone say, "Gosh, I really miss Clippy," but we have had a few people say that they missed the dog, and wanted to know how to get him back. I think there are certain characters that engendered themselves more than others. But again, we're talking a half-dozen requests in the three-million beta testers that we had. I think people are ready to see that pass on, as part of Microsoft BOB, and the past.
No complaints? Where's the outrage? Well, maybe ten years is a pretty good lifespan for a virtual paperclip. It also may not be the end. Engadget has warned Clippy will probably return in some future user generated application and there's a good chance someone will find a way to incorporate Clippy into a YouTube video.