MIT Scientists Create Robot Snail

Posted on December 14, 2005

Robot Snail Scientists are making progress on the ultimate goal of having a robot match for every creature on Earth. The latest invention comes from scientists at MIT. It is the robosnail, a robotic gastropod that can climbs walls and stick to the ceiling. The scientists tried to make the robot snail as realistic as possible. A Nature article says the scientists even recreated snail slime trails using Laponite.

Nature says the secret to the robotic snail is "to keep the snail as light as possible (just 31.6 grams), while ensuring that the Laponite has just the right stickiness."

Slime made from Laponite with "just the right stickiness"? Well if there is goo or slime involved then the commercial possibilities are endless. Just turn the Laponite slime purple and Nickelodeon will order a few thousand robosnails and kids at home will probably want one too.

Here's a video of the robosnail in action: