Nicole Kidman Upsets Aborigines by Playing Didgeridoo

Posted on December 17, 2008

The Telegraph reports that some Aboriginal people are upset at actress Nicole Kidman because she attempted to play a didgeridoo while promoting her new film Australia.
Kidman's performance has been criticised by Aboriginal leaders, who said she should know better.

Allen Madden, cultural and educational officer at Sydney's Aboriginal Land Council said the film's director Baz Luhrmann should have educated his cast about Aboriginal traditions.

"I presume she doesn't know, otherwise she wouldn't have been playing it," he told the Sydney Morning Herald.

"But (I would have thought) the women on that set would have told her. Baz should know something about it."
How ridiculous to say that Nicole Kidman shouldn't play the didgeridoo because she is a woman. Another article says some Aboriginal groups believe playing the instrument can make women infertile.
Richard Green, an award-winning actor, screenwriter and Dharug language teacher, said he was disgusted.

"People are going to see Nicole playing it and think it's all right. It bastardises our culture. I will guarantee she has no more children. It's not meant to be played by women as it will make them barren."

The didgeridoo, or yirdaki, is said by some to make women infertile, and Mr Green said he feared other women would imitate Kidman without realising its dangers.
You can see Nicole Kidman playing the instrument in the video clip below.

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