No McDonald's For Moses Martin

Posted on September 25, 2006

Little Moses Martin will not be enjoying Mickey D's anytime soon if mom Gwyneth Paltrow has anything to say about it. In an interview with the incredibly obnoxious Billy Bush, Gwyneth discussed healthy eating and what her baby Moses will and won't be allowed to eat.

And now that she has her own children, Gwyneth is practicing preventive medicine. "As a mother with two small children, do you watch what they eat?" Billy inquired. "What's the program with them?"

"Oh yeah," Gwyneth revealed. "They eat whole grains and they eat, you know..." "Are you tough on them, like McDonald's only once a week," Billy joked. "No McDonald's. Never. Over my dead body," she smiled.

Ah well. She can control what he eats now. But you just know that when he's a teen, he'll eat at McDonald's just to irritate his mom.

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