OfficeMax Launches Go Elf Yourself

Posted on December 22, 2006

Elf YourselfElf Yourself is a fun website at from OfficeMax that allows consumers to make elves out of themselves. The site says:
This holiday, get what you've always wanted. The miraculous ability to turn yourself into an elf. Upload a picture of your face, record your message, then send this toy singin' version of yourself to a friend.
To begin the Elfamorphosis you just need to upload a picture which will be converted into an elf. It is very silly thing OfficeMax has come up with but at least it isn't another giant ball of rubberbands.

Update 7-30-07: The Elf Yourself site is currently down. The site says that soon Elf Yourself 2.0 will be available. Apparently, it lets you "elf the heck out of yourself." That sounds like something we would like to do. We can't wait.

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