Olivia Munn Guest Stars on Chuck

Posted on October 29, 2010

Olivia Munn as Agent Greta on Chuck

Olivia Munn recently guest starred on Chuck as "Greta." The Buy More store in Burbank has been turned into a complete spy operation this season. This is why it is now staffed with attractive people like Olivia Munn. Greta is a recurring role that will be played by different guest stars. It is a hilarious concept. Olivia really turns heads in the store as undercover Agent Greta. She wears a short black skirt with a white shirt and grey tie. She can be seen talking to Chuck in the last photo.

Olivia Munn in black miniskirt on Chuck

Olivia Munn talks to Chuck in front of Nerd Herd booth on Chuck

Photos: NBC

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