Paperclip Blogger Finally Trades for a House

Posted on September 20, 2006

Kyle MacDonald, the paperclip blogger, made his final trade that landed him a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan earlier this summer. Kyle began his trading with a red paperclip and continued to trade up for better and better things until he end up with the house in Canada.

The trade for the farmhouse was MacDonald's 14th trade. reports that "in his 14th swap, Kyle MacDonald, 26, traded a role in a Hollywood movie for the three-bedroom farmhouse in Kipling, about two hours east of Regina."

He was even declared honorary mayor for a day in the town where the farmhouse is. We documented a couple of Kyle's earlier trades here and here. You can also read more about Kyle's trading adventures on his blog. It was a clever idea but it is unlikely anyone will ever have as much luck trading with a red paperclip again.

This is the text that began it all (along with an image of a red paperclip: "This red paperclip is currently sitting on my desk next to my computer. I want to trade this paperclip with you for something bigger or better, maybe a pen, a spoon, or perhaps a boot."

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