Paris Files an Appeal

Posted on May 7, 2007

Paris Hilton's attorney have already filed a (warning: pdf file ahead) notice of appeal. But most attorneys don't think that the appeal is likely to succeed.
"Paris is unlikely to win an appeal or change of venue," said celebrity trial attorney John Pierson. "An appeal court will find that nothing was wrong in the handling of the case or the sentence. They will not re-try the case; she got caught multiple times on violation of probation where there is little due process protection. They played the trial hand and lost. They basically tied the courts hands, leaving the judge no choice but to hand down a full sentence."

"The best thing for the family now is to lay low, make no comments to the press, and hope the jailer will release her early, as they have done for many non-violent offenders in the over-crowded L.A. jails. My only other advice to her now is to say 'Yes, sir. Yes, m'am' and keep your mouth your mouth shut when you are in prison."
Overcrowding in Los Angeles county jails allowed Michelle Rodriguez to leave after serving only two hours of her sentence. But that problem has been rectified, meaning that Paris will likely serve all 45 days of her sentence. And it's not going to be fun. She's already been shooting her mouth off to the press about how unfair it all is, and in an interview in Harper's Bazaar she says that cops pull her over just to hit on her. This is not making her any friends in the justice system. We recommend that she start martial arts training immediately. And get used to skipping showers.