Paris Hilton's Dogs Not Eaten by Coyote

Posted on September 18, 2008

Coyote CartoonParis Hilton's dogs are just fine. They were not eaten by a coyote. A rep for Paris told People the dogs were find after rumors appeared saying two of her dogs had been killed by a coyote.

The Paris rep says, ""They were at Paris's house Wednesday in her recording studio, and all the dogs were playing and looked as healthy and happy as can be. Paris even had a doggie mansion built for them and it is very secured. "

The statement should quash the rumors that appeared on the Internets that a coyote had eaten two of Paris Hilton dogs. The dogs are safe and secure in their dog mansion.

We are glad Paris Hilton's little dogs are safe. How many dogs does she have anyway because some of the pics on the gossip blogs show Paris holding more than two dogs.

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