Paris Hilton's Storage Locker Blues

Posted on February 6, 2006

It looks like the original story about Paris Hilton's storage locker being broken into isn't exactly accurate. Under California law, the storage owner can break into a locker and seize the goods inside to satisfy an unpaid bill. That was the case here -- the owner of the storage facility seized the items and sold them to a broker (David Hans Schmidt) , who is now going to auction them of for $20 million.
The items in question, including clothing, furniture, computers, personal journals, photos and videotapes, were stored by Hilton in a Los Angeles storage unit while she was in the process of moving from one house to another.

Schmidt claims the items were obtained by an unnamed buyer last November when the contents of the storage locker were sold for $2,775 after the bill to maintain the unit went unpaid.

However, Hilton's rep, Elliot Mintz, said the items were "illegally seized," due to a "bureaucratic foul-up."

Schmidt claims that his collection of Hilton's belongings includes 18 diaries filled with tales of the party-loving socialite's sexual dalliances and celebrity encounters, numerous photos of Hilton in various poses and other material he called "mind-blowing."
$20 million, eh? That's a lot of money for some diaries. Of course, one has to wonder: why didn't Paris just keep current on her storage bill? Usually celebrities have accountants who pay all the bills, so it sounds to us like somebody at her accounting or management firm is in really big trouble. Speaking of Paris Hilton there sure are a lot of Paris Hilton products being sold these days -- she's becoming a huge brand.