Rachel Bloom Stars in the CW's Musical Comedy, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Posted on May 14, 2015

Rachel Bloom in promo for My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Here is the trailer for the CW's new fall comedy Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The show started out as a racy, half hour comedy on Showtime but ended up as a G-rated musical comedy on the CW. Rachel Bloom stars as Rebecca Bunch, a Type A lawyer who is a big success in Manhattan, until the day she runs into the guy that dumped her in college for being "too dramatic and crazy."

He says if he'd known in college how cute and successful she would turn out he never would have dumped her. Yes, he's a jerk. He mentions he's moving to West Covina, California and says to look him up if she's ever out there. She loses her mind, quits her job and moves to West Covina much to the puzzlement of her new firm who has read her stellar resume. Because although everyone says West Covina is only two hours from the beach, it's really four hours because of all the traffic.

The show is a musical with production numbers woven in with the storyline. Rachel Bloom is amazing and the trailer is very, very funny. But isn't this a movie? How is this a TV show? We suppose if Galavant could get a second season, why not Crazy Ex-Girlfriend? Take a look:

Photo: The CW