Record 300 Pound Python to Frighten People at Kansas City Haunted House

Posted on September 24, 2011

A record 25-feet-long, 300 pound reticulated python, named Medusa, is going to be part of a haunted house in Kansas City, Missouri called The Edge of Hell. Snake trainer Larry Edgar seems to be having a hell of a time getting Medusa into the exhibit in the video clip.

Snake trainer Larry Edgar says, "The reticulated python is actually the only snake known, that it's been proven they've actually cut people out them. They are man-eaters."

The Edge of Hell's website warns that its haunted house is "generally way too scary for kids under 10 who have nightmares." They also say it is too scary for "claustrophobic aunts" and "big crybabies." We hope Medusa is well cared for and it does not eat anyone this Halloween.

The Guinness Book of World Records plans to drop by The Edge of Hell and make Medusa's record weight an official record. The record must be for the largest reticulated python, because the National Geographic says the green anaconda can weigh as much as 550 pounds.

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