Schlafgras for Those Crucial Workday Naps

Posted on February 7, 2006


Who hasn't longed for a much more comfortable way to sneak in those workday snoozes than propped on your desk, elbows strategically placed to hold up your snoring head? The brilliant Schlafgras (which means "Sleeping Grass") is the brainstorm of architecture students from the University of Stuttgart. The project (which, sadly, ended in October, 2005) was in connection with a research project to prove that short daytime naps improve concentration.

Schlafgras is made from a "freely shapeable styrofoam." Napping areas of different sizes can be made by creating a forest of the styrofoam shapes. It can be a solid color or different colors could be used. Gizmodo is calling it napgrass.

The creators and developers - Elena Haller, Julia Meisel, Martin Nowitzki and Hanni Schermaul - say Schlafgras has the "flexibility to adapt from creating an environment solely suitable for sitting to being primarily used for power-napping."

And a hearty "Congratulations!" goes to Elena, Julia, Martin and Hanni: now, where do we buy one??