Signs in England Village Tell Drivers to Ignore Satnav Directions

Posted on May 12, 2007

The Daily Mail reports that the village of Exton in England had to put up special signs warning drivers to ignore their satellite navigation systems (satnav). The directions provided by the satnav were sending drivers of large cars and trucks on roads in Exton that narrow to just 6 feet wide. The result was very frustrated drivers and continued damage to Exton's "hedgerows and verges."
Owing to a fault in the electronic information system, many drivers are sent through the Hampshire hamlet only to find the lane narrows to 6ft and they get stuck.

Villagers hope that the signs will spare them, and HGV drivers, any further grief, and stop the destruction of hedgerows and verges in Beacon Hill Lane.

Brian Thorpe-Tracey, whose property borders the lane, said he had regularly had to rebuild cobbled kerbs as well as help stuck vans to reverse.

The 49-year-old company director said: 'The problem mushroomed overnight with the advent of satnav.

'About two years ago we noticed a real increase in drivers using the lane. Vehicles are getting stuck and having to reverse back up, damaging the wall and fence. There's even a piece of metal embedded 12ft up in a tree which looks like it's come off a lorry.

'When I've asked drivers why they are using the lane they say they are just following satnav.
The article says the situation has greatly improved since the signs telling people to ignore the satnav system were installed.

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