Swiss Army Briefly Invades Liechtenstein

Posted on March 3, 2007

The BBC reports that a unit of the Swiss army briefly invaded Liechtenstein before realizing their mistake and turning around.

A 171-strong Swiss company got two kilometres into its neighbour before realising the mistake and heading back.

Liechtenstein authorities made light of the intrusion, saying they only knew about it when the Swiss told them.

In 1985, the Swiss had to pay Liechtenstein compensation when rockets fired by its army went astray and set a forest ablaze.

Tiny vulnerable Liechtenstein does not have a military to defend themselves. According to the Wikipedia entry Liechtenstein once had an army of 80 men but they disbanded it in 1868. The BBC says Liechtenstein has tried to play down the incident. A spokesman for the Liechtenstein authorities said, "It's not like they invaded with attack helicopters." The headline of the New York Times story for the Swiss incursion into Liechtenstein is, Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein.

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