Master Swordsman Battles Robotic Arm in Slicing Contest

Posted on June 18, 2015

Yaskawa robotic arm battles Isao Machii in sword slicing contest

Yaskawa put its industrial robotic arm Motoman MH24 up against master swordsman Isao Machii in a slicing contest to promote the new robotic arm. Machii holds several Guinness World Records including the most sword cuts to straw mats in three minutes and the fastest 1,000 martial art sword cuts.

Yaskawa had its new robotic arm battle Machii in contests that highlight different styles of cuts. Yaskawa says the MH24 an increased 24 kg payload and better movement and inertia ratings than its previous models. It has a 1,730 mm horizontal reach and a 3,088 mm vertical reach.

The Motoman bot and swordsman stood on separate mats. The slicing battles included diagonal cuts, rising cuts, horizontal cuts and a thousand cuts. They cut flowers, fruit, vegetables and rubbery structures in the battles. Take a look:

Photo: Yaskawa